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Offshore Software Outsourcing - Customers and Testimonials

Customers & Testimonials

Please browse through what our customers said about their experience of working with Abstract Technology:

"Having worked closely with Abstract Technology over the last 5 months, we have been very pleased with the work they have contributed. It increases the solution performance, the PPC rate and the revenue. I will be hoping to work again with Abstract Technology in the future."

"We would recommend Abstract Technology for further development work. Thanks."

Paul Daniels,
Managing Director,
Integrity IT (UK) Ltd. (PPS)

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""I just wanted to report on the excellent work and leadership of the Java team on their work for our major European programme. The core application is delivered within scope and on schedule and we are most pleased and amazed with their work."

"The solution allows us to provide flexible services in a single platform across Europe and Asia. Many thanks."

Carol Neale,
Head of eComm and ACI,
DHL EMEA Coordination Center

"Having worked closely with Abstract Technology over one year, we have been very pleased with the cooperation. I think both sides have had to learn about how to work together, both between cultures and between technologies. I will be hoping to work again with Abstract Technology in the future."

"The solution Abstract Technology provided us has been in production for over two years now and it has maintained high performance. Thanks."

Chris Jones,
Head of system department,
IKANO Financial Service Ltd.

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"We have been consistently pleased with the professionalism of the Abstract Technology team. The developers and managers alike offer service, flexibility and dependability that are truly first-class."

Zachary Smith,
Delphian Internet.

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"We have been very pleased with the work and level of commitment that Abstract Technology has shown throughout the project. Abstract Technology quickly adapted our development standards and guidelines, and has also shown a solid understanding of the domain knowledge and requirements that were defined for this project."

"I really like your suggestion! And I think it will improve the quality of the product. Your ideas sound good and the Strategy pattern should be appropriate for this. Please go ahead and implement."


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"My firm has been working with Abstract Technology to provide both development and a support services for the past six months, and our selection of firm has proved to be good. Abstract Technology has demonstrated its capability in developing software and in comprehensively understanding our requirements. We have been very impressed by their professional and efficient development work. Despite working in different time zones, the mechanics of the relationship have been smooth and the team is enthusiastic and is a pleasure to work with. Abstract Technology now has a proven capacity to handle difficult problems, to a point that has certainly exceeded our expectations."

Shane Smith,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
Pronet Ltd.

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"On behalf of my company I would like to thank you and your company for the excellent work it has produced thus far; for our project…"

"The work that has been performed by Zhang Yixin, Zhang Wei, Jia Zhiwen and Peng Manzheng has matched our very high expectations…"

"In my 18 years of working in IT and working with other out-source companies; I have come across nothing that matches the very high standards set by the Abstract Technology team…"

"Long may this continue and I hope the professional relationship between your company and mine will bring financial and work success to us both for a long time to come…"

Datanomix Ltd

"I just wanted to report on the excellent work and leadership of the Java team on their work for the project. The core application work is very good and we are most pleased and amazed with their progress. It is impressive!"

David Johnson,
Continental Telecommunication Inc.

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"Abstract Technology exceeded what we expected. We spent a great deal of time considering using UK developers or outsourcing to another country. We were sceptical at first but Abstract Technology have proved not only more logical in the process but more understanding and helpful than we could have ever dreamt. I have already recommended Abstract Technology to business colleagues and already plan to use their services again in the very near future. My fears of outsourcing projects has gone completely and would recommend any UK business to use Abstract Technology in preference."

Chris Hugill,

"I wanted to write you to let you know after seeing the product we received from your team and working with them yesterday we were very impressed. In light of this I discussed this with my development team and we feel your company is the best choice to help our firm reach its development goals."

Shaun Clark,
Director of Code,
Continental Telecommunication Inc.

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"Every aspect of my interaction with Abstract Technology was very professional. I was extremely impressed by their willingness to be flexible and their dedication to the project."

Stephen Owens,
Corner Software Development Corp.

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"Your work, professionalism and cooperation have been fantastic over past few months. We hope we can build an even better partnership! "

If you are seeking for references from our clients please contact us first and we will provide them with contact information.

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