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Our business partners

At ATL, our goal is to deliver eSolutions for clients and to continue engagement in order to assist the client business expansion, (subsequently we grow on the customers' success).

We are good at what we do, but we are always on the look out for other skilled professionals. In order to achieve superior success through collaboration, we need business partners from the following sectors: eMarketing, web design and small eCommerce development companies.

What you can expected from us:

Revenue and Contribution We are happy for business partners to participlate, for as little or as much as they want. We offer substantial commission, ranging from 5% to 30% of the gross project value.
Referral both ways Quite often, our clients are seeking trusted expertise for the functioning of their business such as eMarketing, printing, logo design and site design. Of course, we recommend our partners for relevant work.
Openness and Honesty We need to communicate with other partners in a straightforward, open and honest manner. We should always be able to constructively say what we think.
Trust It is paramount that we can trust and rely on one another. If we make a promise to do something we will do it and do our best.
Enthusiasm and Passion Business should be enjoyable. The higher the job satisfaction, the more enthusiastically we can face new challenges and the more passionate we are about reaching our vision.
Fairness and Consistency It is important that our behaviour is consistent and defensible at all times. We need to think before we act.
Daring to be different Why must we do things in the conventional way? How could it be done better? We want to be different, "why" and "how" are important words to us in ATL.

To know more about Abstract Technology joint business venture programme, please complete our partnership request form.

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