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Useful External Resources

  • 4Networking is the only truly joined up business network with vibrant, unstuffy breakfast groups across the nation - Making business appointments easy.
  • ParcelSave provides an instant quotes online with courier services for parcel, pallet, freight and documents in UK express logistic delivery at a affordable price.
  • For Customer-Not-Present (4CNP) is a free payment services comparison site designed For Customer-Not-Present (CNP) merchant to evaluate/select/implement online payment services. Based on their requirements, 4CNP compares over 150 payment service and gateway companies and displays a single view result. Simple, save time, save money, easy to understand and get the right solution with our special 5 star rating. Additional special premium services are available for a very small fee.
  • CNP Payment Forum is a non-profit organisation created by and committed to serving merchant organisations that process CNP transactions (Customer-Not-Present i.e. e-commerce, mail and telephone orders). We also invite representatives of acquirers, card schemes and payment service providers to participate with their respective merchants in our activities in order to encourage dialogue and best practices between all stakeholders in the CNP arena. CNP Payment Forum is the international branch of the Direct Response Forum (DRF) USA.
  • Direct Response Forum is a US based non-profit organisation provides an exclusive venue for payment industry peers to meet, learn about and address the unique challenges we face as customer not present (CNP) merchants.
  • DHL ShipNow is the DHL European and Asian Book and Pay Online Solution.
  • DHLitNow UK is the DHL UK Book and Pay Online Solution.
  • Pir Sharaf Shah Dulai provides resources for the old Persian language, literatures, poetry and Arts.
  • Free web links (crosslink-builder)
    FREE web links with other related web sites.
  • Integrity IT (UK) Ltd is one of the leading ITC and ecommerce development supplier in Surrey area.
  • Redhill Electrical Appliances eShop is one of the leading electrical retail in Surrey area.
  • Angel Electrical Appliances eShop is one of the leading electrical retail in Surrey area.
  • Ashbee & Wood Electrical Appliances eShop is one of the leading electrical retail in Surrey area.
  • Bluecrest Kitchen Appliances eShop is one of the leading kitchen retail in Surrey area.
  • Software Development.
    EffectiveSoft provides outsourcing product development and software testing services.
  • Express Domain and Web Services...
    Affordable domain name registration, merchant accounts, website hosting, email accounts, and website software.
  • B2B Portail on Offshore Development
  • Yeandi Directory
  • The Outsourcing Guide
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEOguru)
    Leading search engine optimisation, search engine marketing (SEO/SEM) and online public relations consultancy firm providing "Top 10" SE rankings, Pay Per Click (PPC) targeted traffic campaign, Paid Listing Management, Keyword Advertizing solutions. Email us at [email protected] for "Free Keyword Research of your site".
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