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Smart client development

Smart Client is not a new technology, for that Windows Form, Web Service adopted in Smart Client development are all technologies being used for years. However, it is a great technology that integrates the advantages of Thick Client and Thin Client together—high developer productivity, responsive, easy to deploy, easy change management etc—and provides a responsive, rich, and compelling experience to its end users.

Years of continuous research and successful practices on Smart Client bring Abstract Technology abundant experiences. We know Smart client, and can make full use of its advantages. We can foretell the challenges during the smart client development, and will take proper measure to get through.

Due to our proficiency in Microsoft technologies, we have gained Microsoft Gold Partner Competency in Custom Development Solutions, including Smart Client development, web development and application infrastructure development.

Following is our expertise with smart client:

W Services

Web Services are the foundation Smart Client Applications. Abstract Technology has deep understanding of Web Services. have cultivated experiences not only in Web Services development based on I or WSE (Web Services Enhancement), but Web Services' orchestrate by using BP process.

Windows Form

The first Windows Forms project Abstract Technolo programmed was in VB6 in 2001, then 2003/2005. Years of Windows Form projects implementati have brought our developers extensive experience in control handling and syst architecture design. are ready for all kinds of complicated interface requirements.

Design Patterns

Project that adopts Smart Client is usually a large-scale one, and demands more for Software Architecture and Code. We adopt mature Design Pattern, such as Abstract Factory, Singleton, Command, Façade etc to obtain reasonable Software Architecture and Code. We also keep refactoring of them to improve the Design. In this way, we assure a high efficiency and easy maintenance system.

Visual Studio 2005

We have been using VS 2005 since the release of its Beta1 version. Its high productivity can significantly save your cost. Particularly, the .Net 2.0 ClickOnce feature makes deploying a windows forms based application as easy as that of a web application.

Enterprise Library

Enterprise Library Application Blocks was developed by Microsoft. It is an excellent application blocks to fully meet the enterprise application need.

Application blocks help address the common problems that developers face from one project to the next. They have been designed to encapsulate the Microsoft recommended best practices for .NET applications.

Third-party Controls

In the track record of our Smart Client project development, we have adopted many well known third-party controls which provide more powerful functions, cooler UI features, and higher productivity.

Featured case study

Industry: tourism
Software solution: enterprise management & e-Commerce
Technology: smart client, Windows Form, Web Service, BPEL
People involved: 6
Duration: 3 years
Abstract Technology responsibilities: framework design, database design, UI design, implementation and testing

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