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Development process

Abstract Technology has built outsourcing software development methodology integrating the philosophy of Rational Unified ProcessĀ® with our long-term project delivery experience, which proved to have built an appropriate balance of cost and quality.  

1. Analysis & Design


To verify understanding of the requirement
To freeze the requirement
To transform the requirements into a design which the system will adopt


  • Static prototype development
  • Architectural Design
  • Structure the Implementation Model
  • 2. Implementation


    To implement the design element, integrate the results produced by individual implementers into an executable system.

    Iteration is a more flexible (and less risky) way adopted by Abstract Technology to move forward the implementation. It proved to be greatly beneficial to ramp up better development organization, eventually deliver a series of implementations that are gradually more complete. Each pass through a sequence of activities is called iteration.


  • Implement design elements
  • System Design Refinement
  • Integrate system
  • Artifact review and tech lead
  • Test Case creation
  • 3. Test


    Testing primarily focuses on evaluating or assessing product quality , this is realized through these core practices:

  • Find and document defects in software quality.
  • Advise on the perceived software quality.
  • Validate and prove the assumptions made in design and requirement specifications through concrete demonstration.
  • Validate that the software product works as designed.
  • Validate that the requirements are implemented appropriately.
  • Tasks

  • Test Case execution
  • Exploratory test
  • Test Case refinement
  • Bug Fixing
  • Development Processes

    To know more about Abstract Technology's development process, please download here or contact us:
    How we guarantee code quality  PDF file format
    Methodology & technical approachPDF file format
    QA process management whitepaperPDF file format


      "I just wanted to report on the excellent work and leadership of the Java team on their work for the project. The core application work is very good and we are most pleased and amazed with their progress."
      -- David Johnson,
      CEO, CTI
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