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Offshore Development Center of CTI
Abstract Technology set up an Offshore Development Center for the client. Our ODC team helped CTI in two ways: One was to optimise an existing system based on .NET. And the other was to design and develop a brand new system based on Java.

A Vehicle/Container tracking Solution on GPS/GPRS/MapPoint
This is a long term client who is a pioneer in the transfer of e-science to e-business, focusing on the application of 'grid technology' to real business needs and helping companies to exploit new markets and optimise operating efficiencies .

A J2EE-based Online Loan system
The concept provides a safe, sound, and secure method that allows users (consumers) to lend money (using peer-to-peer model) with an email address, all without the consumer having to communicate or share account number information with the lender.

A Long-term Offshore Development Center for a US client
The client wanted a system to manage resort activities such as spa, class, events, rentals, transportation and childcare. Abstract Technology was required to be completely responsible for the development of all aspects of the system.

Development of a Web Application
The client wanted a game-playing system consisted of a tournament application, a website and a content management system. Abstract Technology allocated two dedicated architects into this group to take charge of the website and tournament application respectively. In order to keep down the cost of development, the open source resources were adopted widely in the system.

A Client Relationship Management System
The client wanted a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system referred to sales for automobile and accessory, client archives management, etc. It would be a highly effective, best-of-breed, easy-maintenance management system. The main function modules should include customer management, vehicle management, organization management, lease management.

Onsite training and offshore maintenance for a UK finance service provider
The client is a finance service provider in UK, who is professional in providing investment advice and fundamental strategy to the world's leading money-centre banks such as Citigroup, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, CIBC, Wells Fargo and others, focusing on foreign exchange, stocks and interest rate derivatives.

Maintenance and Enhancement of a Complicated Foreign Exchange System
This is a leading international investment company headquartered in London, which provides investment advice and fundamental strategy to the world's leading money-centre banks such as Citigroup, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, CIBC, Wells Fargo and others, focusing on foreign exchange, stocks and interest rate derivatives. The company, in 2001, was regulated and authorized by the Financial Service Authority and registered as an investment advisor with the SEC.

A web application of online marketplace for retail goods
The client intended to develop a RFID tracking and planning system which was used to track the manufacture of aerospace parts that were processed through pipelining utilizing RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification). The whole system was required to include six components involving sales order processing (SOP), touch screen, operation real-time tracking, planning and scheduling, management reporting and customer tracking & reporting.

ODC of a migration project from VB to VB.Net for a US client
It has been years since the large scale application developed with VB6.0 was put into practice in the client's company, which deals with court employee, law executive institution, insurance company, bail agent and bond agency.

Online e-Business Portal Site Migration (Asp to ASP.Net) For a US Client
The client already had a website system which was a senior and integrative online e-business portal site, mainly realize product promotion/distribution and other correlative service, track and manage customers' account. With the business growth, the system can no longer meet the new requirement. So the client looked for Abstract Technology to help enhancing the legacy system.

RFID Tracking and Planning System
The client intended to develop a RFID tracking and planning system which was used to track the manufacture of aerospace parts that were processed through pipelining utilizing RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification). The whole system was required to include six components involving sales order processing (SOP), touch screen, operation real-time tracking, planning and scheduling, management reporting and customer tracking & reporting.

Supply Chain Management System
In competitive commerce industry, vendors have to find ways to constantly improve service quality and efficiency in order to retain customers and attract more. This dynamical motivation drove the client, a new start-upped online transaction company, to turn to Abstract Technology for a completely automated and robust IT solution providing its customers with convenient and high-quality services.

Credit Card Application Processing System
Abstract Technology helped IKANO developed the system to achieve the application processing with a targeted two minutes from initiation to decision, eliminating the errors and unreliability in the existing system.

An E-Commerce Website
The client wanted Abstract Technology to design and develop a large e-commerce website which could realize varies functions like information release, product presentation, online business management, shopping management system, customer service center, system maintenance module, log analysing module, web-interact system, etc.

An E-Commerce Website with DotNetNuke
The client wanted two DotNetNuke modules providing functions of windscreen online designing and booking. The modules must be compatible with DNN 4.x. The first module was “step menu”, which enabled the users to switch between steps of the design and display summary of each step. The second module was “Design module”, which was the primary module and provided UIs to users for designing and booking windscreens.

Dedicated C++ Developers for Wireless Communication Solution
For its business expanding needs, the client turned to Abstract Technology for assistance in the evolution of its existing applications and the development of new applications. According to the specifications at regular intervals, we were required to provide development work on the new functions of its products and the web interfaces were modified accordingly for offering its customers more convenience and efficient services.

A Comprehensive Online Transaction Website Development
The client needed a comprehensive e-commerce website running on LINUX, which can be conceived to provide information release, online purchase and payment, account transfer, message board, statistic analyses, report generation, system management, log management etc. Furthermore, a distributive administration is needed for different user with different roles according to the security management.

Electronic Clinical Trial System Development with SharePoint
Abstract Technology's veteran SharePoint engineers firstly anatomised the original system including the functionalities and framework. Depending on our engineers' good understanding on the object models of SharePoint as well as InfoPath, and through the effective communication with the client and quickly learning of FDA documents. Abstract Technology well understood the whole structure of the system and the detailed requirements in a short time.

An Asp.Net based Content Management System
This project involves changing the pages of the website to provide its customers a legible and structural view of the services. The most important issue is to develop a content management tool through which all the contents of the website including texts, pictures and files can be easily managed through user friendly interfaces rather than changing code.

A Screening Service Website Development
The client, who is a US screening service provider who specializes in providing the criminal, eviction report and screening service, wanted us to develop a website to provide criminal and eviction search for some registered users.

A Network Management System
This system was developed to manage the diversified switches in the network via MIB based on the SNMP protocol instead of the original Telnet. These switches included Cisco devices, Nortel devices and some other switches.

A Web-Enabled Application for EHS Management
During the last decade, sustainable development (SD) has evolved from an esoteric concept to a key principle embraced by a number of corporations, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. More and more companies have explored how it can integrate SD into its own business strategy.

Job Tracking System
The Job Tracking System was a management tool used to establish, track and manage jobs or projects. Moreover, it was able to distribute different levels to different roles. Abstract Technology was required to participate in the entire lifecycle of the development from framework design, UI design, coding, test, implementation to complete technical and user documentations.

To-do-List Application
To-do-List was an enterprise solution for that construction company, and it consisted of three parts that separately ran on PDA, PC and server.

Linux Kiosk Operation System
An easy-to-use Linux-based customized operating system.

SharePoint Web Parts Development
Windows SharePoint Services is a Web-based team collaboration environment built on a highly reliable and manageable platform.

FPS Estimator Application
Most of current solutions are based on laptop PC or Tablet PC, but they are too cumbersome, bulky and inconvenient. Now with the efforts of Abstract Technology .NET technical team, another solution based on Pocket PC is becoming possible. The Pocket PC can provide the similar capabilities to what laptop PC or Tablet PC can do.

Barcodes for Direct Mailings
For the purpose of boosting the efficiency of recognize and sorting the return mailer's detail, the client needed a system to encode and decode the mailers' ID. By doing so, the information of the mailer can be obtained automatically from a 2D Data Matrix barcodes through the encoder and decoder.

Offshore Development Center for a US Customer
The customer wanted Abstract Technology to serve as its offshore development center to complete the development of its system.

Offshore Development Center of Marketing and Innovation
The client expected Abstract Technology to establish an offshore development center for providing a series of automatic online survey generation systems.

Recruitment and Equal Opportunities Monitoring System
Abstract Technology developed the system using the VB6 application with Component One controls, an Access 2000 database as front-end and Crystal 9 Reports as back-end.

Voicemail System
To sharp the competitive edge, the client needs a voicemail system based on CISCO call manager which may dramatically enhance the business efficiency as well as reduce vast cost.

Professional Incentive Systems
This application acts as such a Human Resource compensation and incentive system, which consists of two parts: CompReview and IncentiveComp.

Pocket PC Application
An embedded technology case study.

Mineral Management System
A SCM case study.

On-line Statement Retrieval System
The client needed to develop an On-line Statement Retrieval System, which enabled the customers to retrieve their statement.

Ticket Reservation & Mileage Accumulation System
The system needs to read data from these core databases and modify them. And at the same time, the security of the servers is also a concern.

Website Automatic Creation System
The databases and the servers implemented by Abstract Technology ensure efficient customer management for our client.

Newspaper Bulletin Management System
The system can meet to the client's demand and comply with the operating mechanism of the newspaper bulletin management.

Automatic Online Survey Generation System
We adopted FLASH to generate the front end portion of the survey system and used a lot of Action Script.

Enterprise In-house Management System
The enterprise in-house system is entirely web-based and built on Microsoft's .NET technology platform, providing good support for scalability and maintainability.

Registration Management System
The client is a Canadian leading show solutions provider dedicating to providing show registration, solving the problems associated with major trade show events. Its customers can benefit from the reduced cost and complexity of event promotion, registration and real-time event reports.

Customisation of a Document Management System
This is a leading provider of web based workflow and electronic document management solutions, whose customers come from different business, especially financial organizations. It specializes in providing innovative, scalable, robust and cost effective solutions that dramatically improve business processes.


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"I just wanted to report on the excellent work and leadership of the Java team on their work for the project. The core application work is very good and we are most pleased and amazed with their progress."

-- David Johnson, CEO, CTI

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