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The customer may require the latest project status information to have full control of the development process. As a very important part of the development process, the requested documentations will be submitted to our customers.

Normally, work reports are submitted weekly, including the work completed in the week and the work plan for the next week. For the critical activities or phases, the work report can be created on daily basis.

Our complete process documentation ensures that we have everything on record. These documentations help customers monitor projects on a real-time basis and ensure that the customers are never out of control.

There are corresponding documentations for each development phase throughout the entire the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Phase Documentation
Project Input Business/Technical Requirement documentation
System User-Interface Design
Analysis & Design Static prototype
System Architecture
Database Design
Supplementary Requirement Specification
Development Master Test Plan
Functional Test Plan
Test Case
Alpha Release
Weekly work reports
Test Test Result
Test Report
Beta Release
Release Notes
Deployment Release Roll-out Plan
Release Roll-out Documentation
Solution Deliverables

To know more about Abstract Technology's documentation level, please download here:

Standard documentation PDF file format
Methodology & technical approach PDF file format


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