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Abstract Technology Offshore Software Test Outsourcing

Test outsourcing

Abstract Technology provides world-class software test and quality assurance services based on proven methodology to the international software industry, including test automation, test planning solutions, performance test, and test case development & execution.

Our commitment is to assist you in deploying and maintaining quality Software & Systems. By outsourcing your testing effort it is ensured that your product is tested by a neutral third party who is not bound by company's politics. The only thing Abstract Technology cares about is to help you release a quality product.

Why outsource testing to Abstract Technology

  • Provide the dedicated staff and infrastructures equipped with professional techniques.
  • Offer high quality services with lower cost compared to utilizing your internal resources.
  • Make it possible for your experts to focus on your core business.
  • Avoid ramp-up and ramp-down costs of resources based on peaks and troughs in development effort.
  • Keep abreast with demands of changing technologies, platforms and operating systems.
  • Gain access to efficient and effective quality processes and proven best practices.

The test criteria in Abstract Technology

  • Testing is timely and within budget.
  • Defects are correctly characterized and clearly written; some more in-depth devotion to the characterized defects will be available on clients demand.
  • Defects reported after the release of software are either the known defects or found outside the scope of the test guidelines.
  • Test staffs are proactive, flexible and, at the same time, the very good communicators with client both in oral and written English.
  • Test status and reports are complete, punctual and well documented.
  • Any issue or problem that will affect test efficiency or effectiveness is reported to client in time.
  • Any inquiry from client will be quickly responded to.
  • Test staff is flexible to adjust to changes.

Please read the success stories we have done:


If you want to know more about our test outsourcing service, please see Yesting Standards and case studies or contact [email protected].

Case studies

    " I wanted to write you to let you know after seeing the product we received from your team and working with them yesterday we were very impressed. In light of this I discussed this with my development team and we feel your company is the best choice to help our firm reach its development goals. "
    -- Shaun Clark,
    Director of Code, CTI


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