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Offshore software development China - LAMP

LAMP development

LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) is the platform of choice for the development and deployment of high performance web applications. Linux as an operating system is most often used to run servers and can run quite well even on older hardware; Apache is the most widely used web server which can be run on a variety of operating system; MySQL is well known for its reliability and free availability; and PHP has a number of built-in features which make it more intuitive and is most often used in conjunction with MySQL.

All of the components of LAMP enable us to create software that can be used anywhere in the world via the web, whether your clients are using Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Unix, or Linux on their desktop computers. The LAMP development suite is secure, well-tested, well-supported, powerful and inexpensive.

Depending on the abundant experience in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, Abstract Technology has great capabilities in performing integration development with the four technologies. Our team has development experience working on complex system for large web applications and custom software developments. We focus on integrating software development services seamlessly with the customers' workflow. The services of LAMP customisation and consultation are especially offered to our prospective customers, established customers and active partners.

For more information, please read the following projects we have accomplished:

Please contact us to view some demos of the works we have developed by using LAMP.

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