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Offshore software development China, C#

C# development

C# is one of the most mature and widely-implemented object-oriented languages derived from C. The C# programming language offers a very broad range of OOP features: multiple inheritances, strong typing, dynamic memory management, templates, polymorphism, exception handling, and overloading.

C# has many characteristics over other programming languages. It allows the reusability of code in a more logical and productive way. You can practically compile the same C# code in almost any type of computer and operating system without almost changes. C# is one of the most used and ported to different platforms programming language. An application's body in C# can be made up of several source code files that are compiled separately and then linked together. Saving time since it is not needed to recompile the complete application when making a single change but only the file that contains it. The resulting code from a C# compilation is very efficient, due indeed to its duality as high-level and low-level language and to the reduced size of the language itself.

Thanks to our expert engineers and the abundant experience, Abstract Technology provides top-class services of C# programming design. We are able to implement complicated C# projects on various platforms including MS Windows NT/2000/XP, MS Windows 95/98/ME, Linux/ UNIX, Mac OS.

Service offerings:

  • Standalone applications (GUI, controls, business logics, etc.)
  • Server applications and components
  • Win 32 and daemons services
  • ActiveX
  • ISAPI filters
  • Distributed systems
  • Plug-ins

For more information, please read the following projects we have accomplished:

Please contact us to view some demos of the works we have developed based on C#.

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