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Test automation

Practical automated software testing is an evolving technology aimed at increasing longevity and reducing maintenance. Longevity reflects the automated testing system's ability to intelligently adjust and respond to unexpected changes to the application under test. By competently doing so, the testing system's life expectancy naturally increases through its inherent ability to stay useful over time. This is a function of the elimination of redundancy, exemplified by features such as "One Point" maintenance and reusable modules.

Automation test requires a solid testing infrastructure and a thoughtful software testing lifecycle that are both supported and valued by the corporate culture. Abstract Technology utilizes industry standard automation tool, Mercury WinRunner 8.0, to implement automated test on system. The test infrastructure includes a dedicated test lab, a good bug tracking system, standard test case format, and comprehensive test plans. Abstract Technology's software testing lifecycle defines when tasks associated with automation occur in relation to the overall software testing effort that is mostly manual

How we do it?

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ATL - Our automatic testing services

  • Request for info
    Abstract Technology will answer the concerned issues raised by clients, and provide predefined methodology of Abstract Technology or other documents if necessary.
  • Contract signature
    After getting the clear view and the scope of the project, Abstract Technology will firstly submit the project proposal and contract, which include the estimate cost, terms of payment, etc.
  • Project lifecycle
    Test staff will research and understand the system as a whole, and develop Performance Test Plan. With the approval of the plan, Abstract Technology will begin to implement test according to mutually agreed plan. Below is a detailed list of inputs and outputs defined in the normal testing project lifecycle.
Inputs Description
System Requirement Specification (SRS) Formal and authoritative documentation provided by client to specify requirement specifications of the system
requirement documents Test focus and requirements
Automation Test Plan Testing solution, strategy, resource, detailed schedule and so on
Test Case Test Case achieved by Abstract Technology on maintenance tasks
Test Script Test Script achieved by Abstract Technology on maintenance tasks
Test Result Results of test case and script execution
  • Project maintenance
    From the end of the Performance Test project, there will be a 3-month time for our client to raise questions about the artifacts submitted by Abstract Technology. However, project maintenance will be formally defined in the contract.


If you want to know more about our test outsourcing service, please see Abstract Technology testing standards and case studies or contact

    " I wanted to write you to let you know after seeing the product we received from your team and working with them yesterday we were very impressed. In light of this I discussed this with my development team and we feel your company is the best choice to help our firm reach its development goals. "
    -- Shaun Clark,
    Director of Code, CTI


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