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Website localisation

To enter Chinese market, constructing a Chinese website as an effective marketing method is the first step. Abstract Technology localisation team consisting of skilled native engineers will offer you solutions that seamlessly conform to the Chinese culture, social conventions and other preferences that must be met to receive acceptance.

The website localisation process

Translate & Proofread
Functionality test
Linguistic test

Evaluation- Make familiar with the website sort the texts and extract them make the plan of the whole localisation project create the test use case

Translate & Proofread- Allocate the translator by the required area prepare the relevant material creating the glossary translating by the schedule re-translate and proofread

Integration- Graphics and flash integration will be done firstly if required, then the holistic page, the text, graphics, flash and so on. Editplus is the first option to edit the page to reduce the effect of the original file when integration the text.

Functionality test- The tester reviews the whole website, checking the page looks and the functions. Once the function doesn't work or the interface shows incorrectly, the tester will record this bug with TestDirector or QA document for the programmer review and re-integrate.

Linguistic test- The language professionals check the language issue of the localized website.

Featured case study

A Scholastic Website's localisation - With Internet bringing companies access to foreign markets, a single website targeted to a certain language audience is no longer affordable. Abstract Technology's extension experience in this field enabled us to provide a total localisation solution with minimal technical support from the client. We were required to localize the English website to Chinese, German, European French, Canadian French, LAS, Greek, Italian, Spanish etc


    "We have been consistently pleased with the professionalism of the Abstract Technology team. The developers and managers alike offer service, flexibility and dependability that are truly first-class."
    Zachary Smith,
    Delphian Internet.
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