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localisation in training & e-Learning

Learning experience is rapidly evolving. To efficiently communicate with globally dispersed employees, customers, and partners, companies are using sophisticated combinations of classroom instruction, computer-based training and e-learning.

As the industry has evolved, Abstract Technology has expanded its experience with the localisation of training/e-learning materials, providing extensive translation, engineering, and testing services to global clients.

The e-learning localisation process

Translation & Proofread
Functionality test
Linguistic test

Evaluation- Make familiar with the operation of the course sort the texts by form and extract them make the plan of the whole localisation project create the test case.

Translation & Proofread- Allocate the translator by the required area prepare the relevant material create the glossary translate on schedule re-translate and proofread.

Integration- Depend on the implement way of the eLearning course, many kinds of tools are used. According to the source file, the corresponding integration work start, such as graphics integration, flash integration, audio integration, xml integration, text integration, and so on.

Functionality test- Compared with the original course, testers reviews the whole course, checks the looks and the functions on each page. Once the functions doesn't work or the interfaces show incorrectly, testers will record the bugs with TestDirector or QA document for the programmer review and re-integration even re-translation.

Linguistic test- When the localized course pass the functionality testing, the language professional will start checking the language issue.

Featured case study

Office series tutorial localisation - The client wanted our developers to assist them in developing new e-learning tutorial of Office. This type of engineering work relates to the technical integration of e-learning course elements such as screen shots, graphics and simulations using various engineering tools as well as development and localisation of software applications.


    "We have been consistently pleased with the professionalism of the Abstract Technology team. The developers and managers alike offer service, flexibility and dependability that are truly first-class."
    Zachary Smith,
    Delphian Internet.
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