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Abstract Technology e-Business outsourcing service

Online Payment Solution

Adding ecommerce functionality to your website is now easier and more affordable than ever before.
In a very short time, you can accept online payment from your customers.
But most importantly, we made it hassle-free.
Whether you are selling subscription, membership, shippable goods, downloadable digital goods, or online services, we have put together sensible and hassle-free ecommerce solutions that make your life a little easier.

Payment Gateway Integration

To be able to accept online payments on your website, your shopping cart must be integrated with a payment gateway. There is a wide range of payment gateways you can choose from, but no matter which one you prefer to use, we have the expertise to be able to carry out the integration for you with ease, convenience and hassle-free.

How Does Payment Gateways Work?

Payment gateways facilitate the authorization and processing of payments with financial institutions. When a user submits their payment details on your website to make a purchase, the payment details are sent to the payment gateway. The payment gateway will encrypt the details and send an authorization request to the user’s bank and wait to receive an approved, declined or error response. This response is then replied back to your website and based on the response will approve or decline the transaction. The payment gateway will then send settlement requests to your bank. Your bank will then send separate requests to the user’s bank to seek the transfer of funds into your account.

We provide quick and simple integration/development to the your preferable payment solution with your websi and turn it into a Professional-looking, secure, and reliable ecommerce storefront that includes: secure online credit card processing, payment gateway, Internet merchant account, and ecommerce shopping cart software, and more.

Our services are assured for affordability, features, functionality and future proof.

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