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Abstract Technology e-Business outsourcing service

Logistic Outsourcing Solution

By outsourcing to a logistics and business process outsourcing expert, your products will be stored, distributed and fulfilled more efficiently, costs will be decreased, resources will be maximized and customer satisfaction rates will improve.

To compete in this fast-paced, international marketplace, more and more manufacturers are relying on third-party logistics providers, like Marlin Logistics, to supply their customers with a higher level of service, as well as a measurable cost savings to their bottom line. Switching from in-house management to a third party is a major undertaking, but isn't your product worth it?

Advantages of a third-party logistics provider:

» Decreased time to market
» Improved customer service and retention
» Higher productivity
» Increased sales
» Reduced staffing and operating costs
» Access to "best-of-breed" expertise
» Advanced warehouse management technology
» Ability to invest more time and money on core competency

Why Choose Abstract Technology?

Abstract Technology stands apart in its ability to provide an integrated suite of solutions and capabilities that enrich your brand and your customers' experience. Here are just a few ways in which our commitment has set us apart:

1. Our Experience and Expertise

The expertise of our professionally trained staff speaks volumes on our ability to give your business the competitive edge. Our senior management team has over 10 years experience in the logistics arena and has been responsible for over $20 million in finished goods inventory. From this experience comes the expertise in knowing how the supply chain works, and how we can develop the best solutions to create the most efficiency for your company.

2. Our Advanced Technology

Innovation like ours simply means better solutions for our clients. In addition to the ATL Warehouse Management System, eBusiness Dynamic Engine. Among its many benefits, this technology allows us to dramatically enhance the total order management process, including robust management of content and pricing.

3. One Integrated Solution

Take advantage of the convenience, accountability and speed that come with working with a single source strategic partner. Abstract Technology completes outsourcing solutions deliver the proven, fast and secure infrastructure you need from product warehousing, to order management, product delivery and customer contact. And because we provide everything you need, you save money and gain added confidence knowing that your products are in capable hands.

4. Your Benefits and Savings

Your business will truly benefit from our rapid implementation and high accuracy rate for all orders and transactions. By eliminating your inefficiencies and maximizing your resources, your business will realize reduced costs and enhanced brand equity. We continue to make every effort possible to create additional operation efficiencies, which results in cost savings for you.

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