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Health care

The potential link between the information underlying patient healthcare and clinical research remains largely untapped. Information that could benefit all parties-patients, physicians, investigators, regulators and pharmaceutical companies remains in disparate databases and paper-based records. One of the largest obstacles pharmaceutical companies face in bring new drugs to market is the clinical trial process. Clinical trials involve managing massive amounts of documentation between multiple parties and systems. The current paper-based process for capturing clinical trial data is inefficient and error prone.

Barriers to reaching the full potential benefits of electronic clinical trial management include complexity, cost and lack of utilities to facilitate standardization of data sets. Abstract Technology specializes in providing individual researchers and small research organizations affordable standard-based clinical trial management solution to simplify medical care management and facilitate the planning, execution and tracking of relevant clinical trial activities.

Abstract Technology is capable of offering powerful web-enabled clinical trials management software and portal-based system which can provide a common gateway easily adaptable to trial business process management. We take advantage of breakthroughs in software development environments, XML, and Web Services to provide for standardization, interoperability, and 21 CFR 11 technical compliance. Microsoft SharePoint Server is selected as the portal platform for our clinical trial management system. SharePoint Portal Server centralizes information from different systems by using .NET platform, Common Language Run Time, Web Forms etc. InfoPath is combined to record clinical data, and InfoPath forms are distributed and maintained on SharePoint Server form libraries for rapid creation of full-featured XML-based electronic clinical trial management portals.

Major differentiators distinguish Abstract Technology from other vendors are:

  • In-depth study and knowledge of healthcare industry
  • High-end technology skills in major technology platform
  • Access to domain expertise
  • Slashed cost approached by reducing system's complexity

The benefits you can access to:

  • Improved process planning
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Standardized data collection process
  • More effective data management and analysis
  • Improved trial administration

Please read the success story we have done:

Electronic Clinical Trial System Development with SharePoint

Thank you for evaluating us to be your health care outsourcing partner. We look forward to a long-lasting and mutually beneficial association with your company.

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