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Offshore Development Company in China - Education


"Social, technological, and economic drivers are transforming education around the world. As globalisation encompasses local economies like never before, the development of a skilled workforce becomes a genuinely international concern. And as human capital becomes the chief source of economic value, education and training become lifelong endeavours for the vast majority of workers."
- Peter J. Stokes,, 1999

Corporations now increasingly view learning as a competitive weapon rather than an annoying cost factor. Business success depends more and more on high-quality employee performance, which in turn requires high-quality training. Executives begin to understand that enhancing employee skills is pivotal to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Companies are exploiting advances in technology to train employees more rapidly, effectively and at less expense.

Relying on a number of projects for some educational institutions, Abstract Technology has accumulated substantial experience in education software area. We are good at understanding your technology requirements and developing interactive and flexible solutions. Abstract Technology's solutions help you solve the increasing challenges to workers to fill the chasm between the higher demands of education levels, synthesizing skills and the educational status of the workforce. With our solutions, the high-quality, effective and cost-saving education solutions are available.

The offerings Abstract Technology provides include:

  • E-learning portals
  • Content management
  • Web-enabling
  • Learning process management
  • Test and grade management
  • Distance learning systems integration
  • Customized technology services
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  • Thank you for evaluating us to be your education outsourcing partner. We look forward to a long-lasting and mutually beneficial association with your company.

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