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SharePoint Web Parts Development

A Vehicle/Container tracking Solution on GPS/GPRS/MapPoint

The project

Industry: logistics
Solution: A logistic management platform consists of Car PDA and central control system.
Technology: GPS/GPRS/MapPoint/SharePoint
Work amount: 80 man-months
Abstract Technology responsibilities: requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing and deploying the system onto Server

The Client

This is a long term client who is a pioneer in the transfer of e-science to e-business, focusing on the application of 'grid technology' to real business needs and helping companies to exploit new markets and optimise operating efficiencies .

What the client wanted

With the growth in UK port traffic is putting pressure on both shipping lines and transportation companies to perform more effectively, the client looked to an Integrated Telecommunications Solution and Trading Marketplace Portal available to liner shipping and haulage companies to enhance control over inland transport and drive improved customer service levels within the shipping and haulage community.

Our solution

  • Technology
    The system adopts Framework 2.0 and windows CE 5.0 as the development platform and adopts the SOA System Framework as well. The whole system is built on components. The database adopts Oracle 10g; the display of the map adopts MapPoint; while the PDA map adopts Tom-tom. The geographic data which are provided by the supplier and the data integration of the client business system are wholly based on EDI. The interfaces adopt Web Part to realize the client's customisation.

    Technology Technology Characteristics
    Framework2.0 ASP.Net, framework simplified version
    WindowsCE5.0 Car PDA
    GPS realization of navigation and cargo tracking
    Oracle10g strong database function
    Web Service wireless connection between PDA and central database
    MapPoint accurate cargo tracking
    Tom Tom realization of the navigation function
    SharePoint better user settings and seamless integration with the present system
    EDI the universal data interchange modes of the industry
    Electronic signature to completely computerize the business operation

  • Development Method
    The whole development adopts VSTS as the project management tool and adopts the prototype method as the project developing model. Automation coding and automation testing are introduced to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

    VSTS Real - time project control from the client's side
    Automatic coding Highest developing speed and high quality of coding
    Automated testing and Build better quality guarantee and higher efficiency
    SOA the system is prone to excellent expandability and maintainability

The project team consists of project manager, system architect, development team and QA team.

Project Manager: responsible for project resource and plan management, client relationship management; coordinates the internal development team and responsible for the requirement management with the system architect.

System Architect: confirms the project goal, scope and requirements with the project manager; identifies the technology type and analysis of the whole system and manages the technology risk; confirms the whole system architecture and provides technology instructions for the project team.

The team divides into 3 parts and develops at the same time.

  • Web Development Team: responsible for the development and application of the Web subsystem and the development of the essential modules
  • PDA Development Team: responsible for the Web Service Development of the communication with the server and PDA development
  • EDI Development Team: responsible for using EDI and the client information system to conduct the integration.

QA Team: testing for complicated projects, configuration management and release.

The Result

The result is a complex logistics management platform with powerful functionalities of live web vehicle tracking, estimated times of arrival, improved transport visibility and electronic proof of delivery etc. It brings the ends users as haulier, shipper and customer alike improved customer experience, increased supply chain efficiencies and enhanced security.

  • Improves the satisfaction of all the clients including the product operators and the end users
  • Reduces the development expenses through components and automation technologies
  • SOA makes the system more extendable - adding new integration connectors can achieve the new module functions which new business requires, while there is no change to the original system.
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