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Todo-List Application

To-do-List Application

The Client

The client is a construction company based in Belgium. It provides housing services, such as house decoration, maintaining, repair, etc.

What the Client Wanted

The client wanted an application with which its service technicians should be able to generate requests to back office when they have troubles with their work on the customer side by using PDA.

Upon receipt of the requests, the server side application will assign them to other PDA-equipped technicians who will provide help to the technicians sent the requests. Employees in back office can also send requests and answers to technicians.


To-do-List was an enterprise solution developed for this construction company. It consisted of three parts that separately ran on PDA, PC and server. The part ran on PDA could synchronize data with the one ran on server side through web services, and it realized the technicians' featured needs of getting their work done.

The part ran on PCs in back office interacted with server to maintain requests and answers as well as the staffing information.

We utilized .NET Compact Framework, SQL-Server CE, etc for the development.

In addition, the following functionalities were achieved.

  • By using SMS (system management server), a specified technician could be notified to receive latest requests in order to synchronize with the remote server.
  • Bi-directional Data Synchronization with remote server.
  • Technicians can work on Online or Offline mode.
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