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A Screening Service Website Development

The Client

The client is a US screening service provider who specializes in providing the criminal, eviction report and screening service.

What the Client wanted

The client wanted us to develop a website to provide criminal and eviction search for some registered users. Because there weren't any data existing in the database, firstly we were required to connect to others through Web Service to get the data we need and show them to the users. Whereafter, the client asked us to grab the original data from websites, parse them and put them into the database, so the data could be utilized later.

According to the client's requirements, the following functions should be performed on the website:

  • User Registration
  • Sample Searches
  • Eviction Search
  • Social Security Trace
  • Criminal History
  • Billing Report
  • System Management
  • Price Set-up
  • User Tracking
  • Search History Review
  • Offline Search
  • XML Gateway


Abstract Technology helped the client realize its purpose by implementing the following main aspects:

  • Because the client couldn't provide any data, we had to connect to other websites to get data we needed, any errors on others may cause the errors on this website. Customized email was provided to let the client know what error his user met while performing the search to get back to the user as soon as possible.
  • We had to request different websites to get the result, but different website may provide the result in different format. In order to display them in a better way, we wrote a XSLT file to reorganize the format.
  • Because the database was extremely big, (almost one hundred tables, and some tables have millions records) we used MS SQL2000 as the database to improve the efficiency and stability
  • The original data were very big, chaotic and complex; it was very difficult to parse them. We firstly wrote some codes to convert them into .csv file so we could use Excel 2003 to process them to the standard format and put them into the database.


  • Easy to update the database as the client required
  • Email tracking and reporting could increase the customers' satisfaction.
  • High performance and easy- maintenance system.
  • Distributed development reducing the cost.
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