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An Information Store Website Development

The Client

The Internet has the largest audience compared with other kinds of traditional media. To bring sales information to the largest possible audience in a fast and accurate manner is a real competitive edge and necessary to survive and grow for all kinds of enterprises in today's increasingly competitive world. This is true for our client, a national provider of web hosting and design services in the US, who needs to present their competitive information to potential customers.

What the client wanted

To sharpen its competitive edge, the client required Abstract Technology to build a reliable and responsive website using proven technologies and methods within a set budget. This website would provide a platform for prospective house buyers and house builders to find valuable information. This website mainly covers user authentication, advanced information searching, coupon request process, statistics, back office etc.

The client preferred us to use LAMP in the development of the website. The whole system should be divided into three layers: application layer which contains security and session management, database access management and framework definition for common functions and reusable logic; business logic layer which includes proper business rules; Presentation layer which provides "look and feel" to the application.


To meet our client's demands, Abstract Technology's development engineers adopted the popular open source web platform, LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL+ PHP), which is a solid and reliable platform for developing and deploying high performance web applications.

In order to quickly provide a stable website to our client, the Mojavi framework was introduced to the system. Mojavi is an open-source MVC framework for php. It divides web applications into tiers so that developers can focus on programming while designers focus on the "look and feel" of the website.

System Structure Diagram

Application development


  • A high performance and secure website
  • The development and maintenance cost was cut down
  • Time-to-market was shortened
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