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The client

The client is a Canadian leading show solutions provider dedicating to providing show registration, solving the problems associated with major trade show events. Its customers can benefit from the reduced cost and complexity of event promotion, registration and real-time event reports.

What the client wanted

There exists a web based application on the client's side which records the customers' information and related data. Though the system is satisfying and running very well , it is inconvenient and insecure to manage the data information online. To solve the problem, the client turned to Abstract Technology to develop a simple but effective desktop registration application which would be able to work on one laptop as a standalone device or in a client-server network with one server and multiple clients.

With this system, the appointed data in different tables can be imported from the existing system and returned after completely registered onsite. The end users could perform operations like creating a new registration, searching and editing registrations, data's import/export & clean etc.

Since this application is closely associated with the existing one, it is required to have the similar layout to the existing one and keep consistent with it.

Abstract Technology 's participation involved providing the whole development cycle from system requirement analysis, architecture design and implementation to test.


Due to the variable requirement, we set up an Offshore Development Center which was exclusively operated for the client.

In a spirit of close cooperation and trust between Abstract Technology and the client, the project began with an in-depth requirement analysis , we acquainted ourselves with the existing system's functions and UI style, collected all the required information of the development application, analysed them carefully, submitted requirement verification to confirm our understanding on the requirement with the client, and finalized all pieces of work in each stage. Prototype was elaborated to ensure that our understanding was accurate and accordant with the users.

Our developers plunged into achieving the functions of data's import/export during the implementation phase. Since the database comprised many different tables with complicated structure and stored procedures, it was absolutely necessary to clearly know the structures and stored procedures. The stored procedure as a group of SQL statements formed a logical unit and performed a particular task, which was used to encapsulate a set of operations or queries to execute on a database server in this system.

After completing coding and receiving the confirmation of Alpha version, Abstract Technology installed the application on its own server and painstakingly looked through the code so as to detect as many errors as possible to assure that the system fulfilled the requirement specification.

The completed application features an intuitive access to data import/export area , remarkable navigation and a convenient search engine.

We developed the system with VS.Net 2003 framework, using C# as programming language and SQL Server 2000 as the backend database.

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