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Online e-Business Portal Site Migration (Asp to ASP.Net) for a US Client

The Client

The client is a US-based provider of spring probe in ATE industry. It is the most preferred probe brand for ATE in Test & Measurement World's most recent brand awareness studies.

What the client wanted

The client already had a website system which was a senior and integrative online e-business portal site, mainly realize product promotion/distribution and other correlative service, track and manage customers' account. With the business growth, the system can no longer meet the new requirement. So the client looked for Abstract Technology to help enhancing the legacy system:

  • Development of new functions and pages was required to meet new business requirement.
  • The development process should be a cyclic one for the one-by-one development of the business modules.
  • The client hoped a low cost for the project completion.

Migration Solution

After deep requirement analysis by legacy system and interrelated document study and massive communication with the client, we made it clear that the system architecture was over complex as it had been maintained for a long time. And the chaos of the business logic and the presentation logic resulted unavailable system for large-scale promotion. In light of the situation, we developed the solution of system migration, as well as business logic optimisation and new functionality enhancement to address the client's requirement.

The legacy system was built on ASP, ADO and SQL Server 7.0. To cut down the cost and increase the efficiency, we migrated the system to ASP.Net, ADO.net and SQL Sever 2000 which are the promotion edition.

To enhance the system's maintainability and expansibility, we adopted a three-tier model to obtain the well-constructed system which involved the business layer, the presentation layer and the database layer.

•  Presentation Layer Migration
This layer transforms application data into common network format. We realized it by calling widget of ASP.Net after the analysis of the presentation logic of the legacy system.

•  Business Layer Migration
In the legacy system, business logic was realized by function invoke and complicated code building. In the migrated system, the Business Layer gave a general overview of the business transactions between departments. We refined it from the legacy system and realized it by calling corresponding .Net component.

•  Database Layer Migration
We adopted ADO.Net for DB connection and operation instead of ADO in the legacy system. We also used Microsoft Data Access Block, including all data access code that are used in this layer.

DB compatibility was required for the large number of business data accumulated in the past. So during the DB migration, we made little changes as far as possible to ensure the legacy data are still available as well as meet the requirement for the new DB construction.


  Legacy application New application

 Development language

 ASP & VB Script

 ASP.Net & C#

 Application Service

 IIS 5.0

 IIS 6.0 & Microsoft .Net  Framework 1.1

 Database Server

 Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

 Microsoft SQL Server 2000

 Version Control


 VSS 6.0

 Architecture Model


 Three-tier model

 Database Access Mode



 UI Style

 Html & css & javascript

 Xhtml & html & css &  javascript


10 man-months


  • Low cost for migration and maintenance.
  • Data migration completed without any losing.
  • A stable system with functionalities integrated, maintainability and expansibility enhanced.
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