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Pocket PC Application

The Client

The client is a full service Internet solutions provider that focuses on custom web sites and web-based applications. It delivers professional results through a full range of design and consulting services.

What the client wanted

The Pocket PC application would allow automobile dealers to know the markets by displaying their inventory. It was a read only program:

  • The application came with a desktop syncing application and the Pocket PC viewing module. The user could be able to select a text delimited data file from their desktop computer and synchronize the data with the Pocket PC.
  • The Pocket PC application would contain a search form to find individual records or a list view of the complete inventory. Upon selecting an individual record the user can see details of the selected record.
  • The user can view the category details by clicking on the appropriate button.


Abstract Technology helped the client realize its goal by implementing three main functions of this application:

  • The synchronization between desktop computer and the Pocket PC.
  • The different format of data transformation.
  • The end data displayed on the Pocket PC.

The application environment consisted of Visual Studio .NET 2003 using C# and the .NET 1.1 framework.

Abstract Technology optimised and separated the business logics from the business presentation, making the management more flexible and more scalable.

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