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Onsite training and offshore maintenance for a UK finance service provider

The Client

The client is a finance service provider in UK, who is professional in providing investment advice and fundamental strategy to the world's leading money-centre banks such as Citigroup, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, CIBC, Wells Fargo and others, focusing on foreign exchange, stocks and interest rate derivatives. Our customer possesses a team of finance analyst and IT technicians, who has successfully developed a set of online currency analysis software.

What the client wanted

There existed a large-scale and complicated real-time foreign exchange analysis system in the company which was developed on the basis of Java and Solaris UNIX platform; it can query data from world famous currency trade markets. The system was able to intuitively present the track and trend of the market movement in the form of graph gained from the complete and accurate history & real-time market data utilizing the most mature economics theory and technical analysis tools currently.


For the system is complicated and large, schedule is tight, and documentation is relatively separated, the customer and Abstract Technology both believe the best way is to assign an on-site consultant to conduct knowledge transfer, as comparing with offshore service, the efficiency and accuracy of onsite knowledge transfer is outstandingly high.

During the process of on-site knowledge transfer, Abstract Technology's consultant divides the whole system into seven modules, prepares each module in advance every day, and submits confirmations or questions about the system after each day of training. The whole on-site knowledge transfer lasts for about two weeks.

After the training, Abstract Technology quickly and smoothly took over the system and set up an Offshore Development Center (ODC) for the client in charge of the whole system's maintenance, functional enhancement and customer support work

Throughout the whole process, Abstract Technology kept effective communication with the client as well as kept close watch on any change or issue that might impact the system and handled it promptly and effectively. The daily reports and related documents were provided to keep the client updated with the development process.

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