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Abstract Technology Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development Center for a US Customer

The client

The customer is a professional information technology products and services provider, which products ranged of rental, booking, etc.

What the client wanted

The project was performed to accomplish all businesses activities regarding property rental. The customer wanted Abstract Technology to serve as its offshore development center to complete the development of its system.

According to the customer's requirement:

  • The project should be able to accomplish most parts of the whole system, which were also the basic parts. It is important to the framework design, database design and UI design.
  • The project was designed to realize user management, user group management, and basic configuration management, common business activities in the system and some other activities directly related to property rental.


Our development process was strictly based on the RUP. According to our rich experience and better understanding of the requirement, we adopted a 3-layer model to complete the development:

  • The presentation layer was implemented by using .NET Windows Form and programs are deployable through HTTP. The programs were divided into multiple components based on functions to ensure that components included functions properly and were manageable. It was also convenient for further enhancement.
  • The business logic layer was realized by using Web Service and BPEL. Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS) provides an XML-based process definition and execution language that enables the description of rich business processes capable of consuming and providing Web services in a reliable and dependable manner. Web Service implemented actual operations as control class. During the process, Data Access component would be called to do the job when there was a request to database. At last, the control class built the entity class and returned to the caller. Entity class was mainly used for carrying data, and does not perform any other operations. All work were done by control class
  • The data layer was realized by using DAO (Data Access Objects). As the system was required to be run on multiple database platforms, all database operations of the system were accomplished in one component to reduce the cost of database migration. When an access request arrived, the component would receive a SQL command from the XML configuration file, and then access SQL Server by using SqlConnection of ADO.NET, or access Oracle by using OracleConnection.
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