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Enterprise In-house Management System, Abstract Technology Outsourcing

Enterprise In-house Management System

The Client

The client is a big teleservices firm in American. It offers leading solutions for tens of thousands of customers in 11 western states in US.

What the client wanted

Abstract Technology provides the customer with technical consulting and software development services on its enterprise in-house management system using Microsoft .NET technology:

  • Provided the client with technical advice, consultations and services as provided in each work order.
  • Developed and implemented enhancements to various outsourced software projects.
  • Designed the enhancement based upon the requirements statement for the enhancement.
  • Tested the enhancement for the compliance with the requirements statement, design and the manual.


The enterprise in-house system is entirely web-based and built on Microsoft's .NET technology platform, providing good support for scalability and maintainability. It includes the main functions of billing system, history system, jobs system, lead-contacts system, library-objects & functions, sales system and website system, and etc.

Abstract Technology utilizes ASP, ASP .NET, C#, SQL, and web technology for this system's consulting and development. The following are some technologies we have adopted:

  • To get clipboard data from client extension in a web page and modify data in the server extension without changing data on the client side, Abstract Technology used the "TcpListener" and the "TcpClient" classes from the "Socket" namespace efficiently.
  • For serializing the object and saving the value of an object in a web page, Abstract Technology paid its attention to the inter-transformation between the "Dataset" object and the Xml language.
  • In order to help the customer migrate the system easily, Abstract Technology adopted the technology of saving the files and the images in the clipboard of the client extension to system database on the server side.


The client increased the in-house management System's capacity and reliability with Abstract Technology's high quality services. The .NET-based system proved to be exceptionally reliable and robust and the .NET framework control allowed the system to utilize different approaches for secure access rights control. The new system also enhanced the customer's satisfactory level and brought in more business opportunities.

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