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Reservation Management System based on Windows Form
The client wanted a system to manage resort activities such as spa, class, events, rentals, transportation and childcare. Abstract Technology was required to be completely responsible for the development of all aspects of the system.

RFID tracking and planning system
The client intended to develop a RFID tracking and planning system which was used to track the manufacture of aerospace parts that were processed through pipelining utilizing RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification). The whole system was required to include six components involving sales order processing (SOP), touch screen, operation real-time tracking, planning and scheduling, management reporting and customer tracking & reporting.

Security Incident Response System
As a result of various intentional or natural factors, the network or infrastructures always suffered some incidents. If not handled in time, these incidents would possibly result in disasters; hence duly obtaining the incidents information in order to deal with the incidents quickly and effectively became the urgent affairs. The client required Abstract Technology to design a universal system which was used to report incidents and assign repair tasks to related engineers so to improve the efficiency of handling incidents.

ODC of a migration project from VB to VB.Net for a US client
It has been years since the large scale application developed with VB6.0 was put into practice in the client's company, which deals with court employee, law executive institution, insurance company, bail agent and bond agency.

Online e-Business Portal Site Migration (Asp to ASP.Net) For a US Client
The client already had a website system which was a senior and integrative online e-business portal site, mainly realize product promotion/distribution and other correlative service, track and manage customers' account. With the business growth, the system can no longer meet the new requirement. So the client looked for Abstract Technology to help enhancing the legacy system.

An E-Commerce Website with DotNetNuke
The client wanted two DotNetNuke modules providing functions of windscreen online designing and booking. The modules must be compatible with DNN 4.x. The first module was “step menu”, which enabled the users to switch between steps of the design and display summary of each step. The second module was “Design module”, which was the primary module and provided UIs to users for designing and booking windscreens.

A web application of online marketpl for retail goods This platform would be a public user website that allows buyers sellers of retail goods to communicate with each other and all sellers to compete for a buyer's needs on price and specificat of goods.

Unique Fabric System The customer is an Austral distribution & marketing company Headquartered in Melbour who assists foreign manufactures penetrate the Australian consu market without physical presence.

A Webs Portal Development Integrated with CMS Product The client needed a sell website of their products with many portal functionalit in a quick and structured way. Through the website visit could understand the content and the advantages of their produc This website aimed at attracting more potential custom in Netherlands.

Parts Development on SharePoint The original system was ba on Microsoft SharePoint Service (SPS) technologies. The cli turned to Abstract Technology to develop several new web parts t provided new functionality to enhance the original syst These new web parts should respectively allow users to sub sites for a SharePoint site, push documents from the par site to sub sites and record the actions done to the li in a site.

To help customer enlarge marketing reach by gaining visibility through high-profile market actions and attract more potential customers, the client tur to Abstract Technology to develop an online marking website. The m features of the website included: the existing and potent customers could register and access personalized lists of newslett and upcoming marketing events; the members could then subscr to newsletters and events.

A Network Management System This system was develo to manage the diversified switches in the network via based on the SNMP protocol instead of the original Teln These switches included Cisco devices, Nortel devices some other switches.

Inventory Management System The client is a leading exhibit software and management services provider in Canada. It speciali in delivering software and services to leading exhibit producers and industry associations.

Contacts Management System The clients existing sys was an IT solutions provider specializing in document manageme corporate portals (internal and external), workflow, E and wireless access to the above. According to clients requireme Abstract Technology was involved to do the following development this system.

An Asp.Net –based Content Management System This project involved chan the pages of the website to provide its customers a leg and structural view of the services. The most important i was to develop a content management tool through which the contents of the website including texts, pictures files can be easily managed through user friendly interf rather than changing code.

A Screening Service Website Development The client, a US screening ser provider who specializes in providing the criminal, evic report and screening service, wanted us to develop a web to provide criminal and eviction search for some regist users.

Job Tracking System The Job Tracking System a management tool used to establish, track and manage or projects. Moreover, it was able to distribute diffe levels to different roles. Abstract Technology was required to partici in the entire lifecycle of the development from frame design, UI design, coding, test, implementation to comp technical and user documentations.

To-do-List Application To-do-List was an enterprise solution that construction company, and it consisted of three p that separately ran on PDA, PC and server.

Enterprise In-house Manage SystemThe enterprise in-house system is enti web-based and built on Microsoft's .NET technology platf providing good support for scalability and maintainability.

Pocket PC Application The application environment consisted of Visual Studio .NET 2003 using C# and the .NET 1.1 framework. Abstract Techno optimised and separated the business logics from the business presentation, making the management more flexible and more scalable.

Registration Management System The client is a Canadian leading show solutions provider dedicating to providing show registration, solving the problems associated with major trade show events. Its customers can benefit from the reduced cost and complexity of event promotion, registration and real-time event reports.


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    "I just wanted to report on the excellent work and leadership of the Java team on their work for the project. The core application work is very good and we are most pleased and amazed with their progress. "
    -- David Johnson,
    CEO, CTI


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