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Offshore Outsourcing - Linux Kiosk Operation System

Linux Kiosk Operation System

The Client

The client is a network management and technical support outsourcing firm with ten years of engineering experiences. It specializes in Local and Wide Area Network Services and Internet Connectivity. Its additional services include: Hardware Evaluation, Hardware Sales, Software System Sales (installation and services), Training, Help Desk, and On-site Support.

What the client wanted

The client wants to build an easy-to-use Linux-based customized operating system tailored for the rigors of public use and charge a hefty fee for advertisements service. The system, with a web browser as the interface is similar to a touch screen system. User can enter any URL he wants to go from the interface. And the remote management is provided via the ClientCenter administration system. Remote commands can be sent to start or stop particular software applications, restart the GUI or even reboot or shut down the kiosk. And all of the software can be remotely upgraded, either automatically (as upgrades become available) or in a customized, modular fashion. The software can be widely used in hotel, restaurant, subway and such public places.


To help make the client's goal a reality, Abstract Technology worked closely with it and delivering a quality customized solution in limited time.

  • Instead of using Netscape, we adopt Mozilla 1.4, which is a stripped down version (no tool bars at all, just full screen mode).
  • On a local area network there will be several kiosks and one Linux print server when an end user hits the print button from the kiosk it automatically prints to the print server. The units would be printing aware, and there should be one setting for all kiosks so not matter where they are the print server advertises itself and the kiosk finds it and automatically sets the print server as its default printer.
  • To be able to remotely control the system, such as reboots, operating system updates and change screen savers and so on, the administrator could control all kiosks from one location or web page.
  • If a client on a remote network goes down there is an alert.
  • The system will boot, Mozilla will start-up in full window mode, and the home page will be set to the kiosk.
  • The users have absolutely no access to the local system or can not shut the browser down or get to any of the tool bars or functions associated with the browser.


The Linux kiosk operation system provides significant convenience for the public and vast advertisement profits to the client. The benefits out of the successful completion of project are:

  • The Linux kiosk operation system meets the people needs of internet in public areas.
  • A highly scalable, flexible, reliable web based solution.
  • Reliable security and remote management.
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