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The client

The client is a big Residential and Commercial Property Company in American, focusing on assisting its customers in simplifying their property maintenance, repair tasks management and consequently reducing associated costs.

What the client wanted

The client hoped that their service technicians can easily generate Estimates and Invoices at the client site. And data synchronization between Pocket PC and back office server should be realized.

Technicians can get their daily work at home, with their Pocket PCs synchronizing with remote server, so that they don't need to go to the office.

On customer's site, technicians can work with Pocket PCs in both online and offline modes. They show customer the products or services and capture customer's signature after getting his approval. Finally the Estimate and Invoice/PO can be printed on site.

After a whole day work, technicians can synch-up the completed works to the back office server.


Most of current solutions are based on laptop PC or Tablet PC, but they are too cumbersome, bulky and inconvenient. Now with the efforts of Abstract Technology .NET technical team, another solution based on Pocket PC is becoming possible. The Pocket PC can provide the similar capabilities to what laptop PC or Tablet PC can do.

Abstract Technology helped the client realize the following functions:

  • Bi-directional Data Synchronization with remote server through web service.
  • Multimode Data Synchronization.
  • Data that should be synchronized can be customized.
  • Technician can work in both Online and Offline mode.
  • Technician can login the system through web service.
  • Role-based permissions.
  • Signature can be captured.
  • Printing enabled on Pocket PC.
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