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Development of a Java-based eCommerce Website with AJAX Framework

The client

This is a new created e-business company based in US.

What the client wanted

This client desired a web product that consolidates users shopping services such as gift card purchase, exchange, and management, coupons and offers, and product advertising information. For the first development phase of the project, the following parts are required:

  • Public pages: This include home page, about us, company profiles, register and login page
  • Search: This area is always available for the user. The user could be able to search against the whole website for any particular item of interest, and review the rough search result. The more detailed information about the result will require the user be registered on the website. When the user is given the results the user should be able to drag the item of interest into a wallet area.
  • Inbox: This is a private area, only open to the logged in user. From this area, the user will have the ability to toggle the visibility of the Inbox. Within the Inbox will be the receipt of marketing information targeted by the manufacturer or retailer specific to the user, and/or any relevant messaging between users in the network, From there the user has the ability to drag the item from this interim holding area into the center work area to display the contents or details of the item or directly drag into the relevant wallet area.
  • Wallet: It is like the favourite of the IE, but it is categorized area. The user has the ability to drag and drop any Item of Interest in their Consumer Wallets, but, the item must be relevant to the wallet itself. For example, the consumer cannot drag a Coupon Item into the Gift Card wallet.


  • The project schedule was very tight.
  • Client's requirements were not fixed and need to be optimised during the development process.
  • The database structure was flexible, and we must address the continuously additional requirements from the client.
  • Abstract Technology would provide more constructive suggestions for the future development after the alpha version release.


Considering the tight project development schedule, we allocated a team of three veteran engineers to speed up the design and development process. According to the client, for the first phase, we relied upon the Backbase set of JavaScript libraries to help define the initial and main components to save time for development. In the mean time, we can always redevelop the necessary components for client's special needs. For the backend components of the system, we only coded some necessary functions so the front-end requirements and database connections could be handled correctly for the presentation of the website. Finally, through the hard work and full customer support the project was completed successfully within the timeline and budget.


OS: UNIX, Linux or Windows based operating system
Development Tools: Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Ultra edit, Backbase
Development Language: Java, HTML, JavaScript, XML
Application Server: Tomcat 5.x
Database: MySQL4.1.x

The benefits

  • A tangible and substantial solution was provided.
  • A reliable and easy-maintenance system.
  • An attractive website was developed by choosing the newest technology
  • The short development lifecycle dramatically improved the customer satisfaction.
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