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Newspaper Bulletin Management System

The client provides sales promotion of large outdoor advertisement media - advertisement on newspaper bulletins. The system developed by Abstract Technology satisfactorily meets the requirements of managing newspaper bulletins, contracts and sales personnel and has dramatically increased the efficiency of the workflow among the departments of the company.

Project description

The system can meet to the client's demand and comply with the operating mechanism of the newspaper bulletin management. For the main part - newspaper bulletin column data inquiry, the system offers the abundant inquiring function: flashpoint inquiry, combination inquiry, directional inquiry, suit inquiry and advanced inquiry which can input SQL language; for the one or several newspaper bulletin column to be sold, the system offers the "locked beforehand" function which avoids the repeat selling; for the whole system management, the manager can add, change, delete and right endow all users, and check, delete and print the system log, etc. Finally, the automatic backup function can effectively ensure the system data safety.

System key features

  • The system supports the network, multi-user environment. Meanwhile, it can ensure the disposing efficiency of the newspaper bulletin column system.
  • The system has high stability. Once the formal system has any trouble, the backup system will be brought up in a few minutes.
  • The system adopts no reversible data authentication technology to ensure the key data safety.
  • The system has high expansibility, which supports future business logic extension.
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