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Customisation of a Document Management System

The Client

This is a leading provider of web based workflow and electronic document management solutions, whose customers come from different business, especially financial organizations. It specializes in providing innovative, scalable, robust and cost effective solutions that dramatically improve business processes.


The document management system developed by the client is the core of the workflow and electronic document management. It has the capabilities to fulfil the requirements of different industries and provide efficient web-based workflow and electronic document management. Currently, the client has many businesses with its clients from different industries. Based on the system, the client intends to design and develop specialized document management system to meet its customers' specific requirements. Because of the variety of industries, the functionalities of the system often change a lot.

Abstract Technology was required to fully understand the existing document management system's core business logic and provide detailed technical design documents and moreover add new functionalities on the base system according to the different requirements.


The model of Offshore Development Center (ODC) was adopted to ensure a smooth development. Abstract Technology was involved in this project from requirement analysis through writing technique and test documents, coding and test. To ensure the quality of the new system, Abstract Technology first got a thorough understanding of the core logic and built an internal education and training system. According to the fact that its customers were mainly from financial and insurance industries, Abstract Technology selected experienced project manager, architect developers and testers as the develop team members. The architect would give training plan to the team members after studying the structure of the system, thus the development team members could get familiar with their own responsibilities.

As a customisation development, the project featured its diverse requirements based on the fundamental system. In every requirement analysis phase, we focused on distinguishing the differences from the previous ones, even the tiny changes, and at the same time, paid attention to the experience's accumulation so as to decrease the development time and improve efficiency. The periodical communication meeting was also held for developers to share the experience and information of the project. After the analysis of the business requirement, Abstract Technology provided the client the development plan in which the developers summarized the function and tasks needed performing and wrote detailed design documents covering development step, database design, and functionality implement plan. Simultaneously, the test engineers participated in to complete the test plan document. These documents would be the guidance for the future development and test after being confirmed.

In the testing phase, our test engineers implemented the system test according to the test plan. We used white box, back box testing method to fully test the system to find out the defects, and utilized TestDirector to produce real-time test reports for the prompt modification to ensure the quality and usability of the system.


  • The mature model of Abstract Technology's offshore development center guaranteed cost efficiency and work efficiency.
  • Abstract Technology's offshore development enabled client to concentrate on the core logic and upgrade to keep the leading role in the industry and get an advantage in the competition.
  • The agile troubleshooting response and quick enhancement from Abstract Technology enabled the client to rapidly enhance its technical competence.
  • The system's quality was ensured due to Abstract Technology's professional and systematic test.
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