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Content Management System

An Asp.Net –based Content Management System

The Client

The client is a Dutch insurance consulting service provider who is dedicated to offering custom business solutions for mid-size companies.

What the client wanted

Our client needed a more advanced website with a legible structure and an easy-maintenance support system. The homepage of the website should provide the potential customers a clear view of what kind of services the client offered. The most important issue was to develop a content management tool through which all the contents of the website including texts, pictures and files could be easily managed through friendly user interfaces rather than changing code. The work in the first phase was to develop the Dutch version and later some other language versions.


After precisely understanding the requirement our engineers launched on the data model design as well as the control model design. The prototype design was subsequently performed according to the lay-out principles of the website.

This was a two-section development project: the public section development and a content management tool development. The function of the latter wasn't thoroughly defined in the requirement but was the core and most complicated part in the website development. The architecture of the whole website, the pages and the files provided by the website should be managed by this tool.

In order to simplify the future management and maintenance for client, we had all content effectively organized to enhance the work efficiency. We divided the content into picture library, file library, channel, page, paragraph, list etc.

The technologies we used include C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server.

If you want to contact this client to know more about Abstract Technology's service, please email to info@abstracttechnology.com. We will give you the reference for your estimation.

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