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Contacts Management System

Contacts Management System

The Client

The client is a US software company who focuses on designing and implementing custom business solutions (built with standard off-the-shelf software) that improve productivity and increase competitiveness.

What the client wanted

The client's existing system was an IT solutions provider specializing in document management, corporate portals (internal and external), workflow, EAI, and wireless access to the above. According to client's requirement, Abstract Technology was involved to do the following development for this system:

  • Develop an ASP.Net application so that when adds/changes/deletes happened, the changes could be saved in the Access database and also to a standard WSS (Web Services Security) contact list.
  • Create a new web part that was used to send emails to the people who were checked off.


We thoroughly analysed the requirement of the system by consulting with the client and three-tier model was adopted in the development which included Presentation Layer (realized by ASP.Net), Business Logic Layer (realized by C# components) and Data layer. Data layer included Data Access Layer (realized by iBatis.Net Dao) and Data Persistence Layer (realized by iBatis.Net SqlMapper). A custom Web Part retrieved all contacts using Sharepoint SDK and displayed these contacts. User can select contact from the list and send email to the contact person.

  • Presentation Layer ContactForm consisted of a series of UserControl. All actions on the Presentation Layer were handled by UserControl, which was explicit to ContactForm. The events triggered by UserControl were handled by Control Layer, and displayed in the next interface.
  • Business Logic Layer processed system business by calling Data Access Layer and Sharepoint Web Service.
  • Data Layer used IBatis.Net O/R Mapping tool, including all data access code that are used.

Service layer

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