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A Client Relationship Management System

The client

This is an Australia-based software services provider.

What the client wanted

The client wanted a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system referred to sales for automobile and accessory, client archives management, etc. It would be a highly effective, best-of-breed, easy-maintenance management system. The main function modules should include customer management, vehicle management, organization management, lease management.

Abstract Technology was involved in this project from the analysis phase, went through design, development, implementation, and test.


We strictly conformed to the RUP (Rational Unified Process) and drew up an implementation plan for the entire system.

We began with analysing the customer's business requirements. In this phase, we focused on finding and describing the objects according to client's requirements to make initial estimation and plan but not define all the requirements, to avoid frequent changes. In the following elaboration phase, we gradually acquired more and more requirements or changes from our customer.

The system was originally required to be built on SharePoint. But with the continuous increase in the client's requirements, it is not competent for the more and more operations. To solve the problem, we chose smart client and migrate the core functions of the original system into the new Smart Client procedure.

Since the system needs to deal with a large amount of data and retrieve the data when page refreshing, which resulting in very strong pressure to the server. We cache the data in local computer to realize data synchronization when the system is idle.

Considering that users are familiar with Office 2003, we created the application with Office 2003 look and feel by using Janus WinForms Controls Suite.

The feature of the approach

Offline Application block and the Clickonce were introduced to the development with which the offline editing functionality was realized. Users can download data from the Internet and then work on it while offline. This offline architecture provides cost and performance benefits.

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