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Web Application Outsourcing, E-Commerce Website

An E-Commerce Website with DotNetNuke

The Client

This is a software development company in Netherlands .

What the client wanted

The client wanted two DotNetNuke modules providing functions of windscreen online designing and booking. The modules must be compatible with DNN 4.x. The first module was “step menu”, which enabled the users to switch between steps of the design and display summary of each step. The second module was “Design module”, which was the primary module and provided UIs to users for designing and booking windscreens. In this module, users could define the si colour, logos, text lines and description step by step. And the users could also preview the windscreen in each step. Technologies:

  • DNN 4.x module Development <
  • Visual Studio 2005 development tool <
  • Dot Framework 2.0 <
  • Windows Server 2003 <
  • IIS Server < i>
  • SQL Server 2005 database < <

    Work amount: 30 man-day Approach

    The function of the project was not complicated but covered vast range of the field, such as DNN module development, DNN Schedule, Multi-languages support, Email function, DAL data access layer, Online product design function, Order generation management, E-commerce and so on. According to the requirements of the client, Abstract Technology coded to realize the functions of the modules, conducted the Alpha testing and then fixed bugs.

    In the work process, the challenges were the interaction between the two separate modules and the support of multi-languages settings. Different solutions were adopted to solve the problems.

    -As the module in DNN was an independent function unit and could be added or deleted, it was difficult to realize the interaction between modules. The project required the step menu module to achieve the saving of the main module and the switch of the steps. In order to avoid complicated flow control, the client end adopted simple scripts. Since only the callback scripts generated by .net were adopted, the compatibility of the browser was not interfered.

    -As for the multi-languages setting function, DNN had strong multi-languages support, so it was easy to use multi-languages. But the documents on the web pages and the templates of the emails were the dynamic information set by the administrator. They can not be realized by static source code. So in the administrator control panel, a language selection was provided, which enabled the administrator to change the settings of different languages. Abstract Technology experience in DNN

    DotNetNuke is a CMS (content management system) in open source coding, so its functions will not be restricted extensively. DNN is the most popular CMS, which makes the support from the third party extensive. Lots of commercial and non-commercial modules and controls make the extension of its function convenient.

    Almost all B/S Applications based on .net platform can be developed by DNN. A lot of modules, such as Announcement, Feedback, Forum, Blog, Mini-commercial store etc, can be found in the official web site of DNN. With these modules, we can create a nice web site without any code.

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