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A Main Administration Tool

A Main Administration Tool

The client

The client is a software consulting and technical support company in Netherlands with the mission of improving customers' software development capability and enhancing customers' competitive advantages.

What the client wanted

The client desired a robust and complete computerized administration tool in pursuit of high efficiency and low cost. This system should be a special administration tool which was used to help financial personnel achieve the supplier management and invoice management. The detailed functions covered the management of raw-material suppliers, user management, invoice track, the management of tax category, report creation and data export etc.


Abstract Technology developed the system from scratch and participated in the entire life cycle of the system. The system was based on Struts framework and J2EE with Linux as the OS, Tomcat as the application server and MySQL as the database. The n-tier model was adopted in the development, including Presentation Layer, Business Layer, Object Access Layer, Data Access Layer and Data Layer. Other technologies like Log4j, JDBC and iText were also adopted.

Some of the highlights of the system were mentioned below:

  • The support of general users and administrators.
  • The adoption of Cookie maximally improved the access speed.
  • The invoice track included invoices' creation, update and deletion. All the concerned information about invoice was saved into a specified history file for checking.
  • All the data could be exported into the files with the format of PDF, Word or RTF to the effect that other systems could utilize these data.
  • Report forms and print function were available.
  • The system could catch the system exception, JVM exception and application exception to guarantee the system's reliability and stability.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces were available.
  • Fast and efficient invoice processing.
  • A highly easy-to-maintenance and scalable system.
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