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Offshore Software Outsourcing Service - Offshore Development Center

How we do it

For companies, departments, and programs lacking the time or resources to build their own ODC, Abstract Technology employs a robust methodology to ensure that projects are initiated swiftly and proceed in a predictable, low risk manner and delivered with high quality.

To set-up an Offshore Development Center (ODC) for a seamless extension of your software development facilities, Abstract Technology follows the following steps:

ATL - how do we do it

  • ODC team identification
    The ODC set-up activity begins with the handpicking of technical experts and engineers with requisite skills to form the ODC team.
  • Information gathering and knowledge acquisition
    Once the core team is in place, we liaise with the client to gather information of the requirements, technology and systems.
    The knowledge acquisition is done in the following way:
    • Examination of the system requirements and any specifications.
    • Study the existing system architecture (logical, physical)
    • Study any existing documentation
    • Study the methodology and tools requirement
  • Development Plan and Process Definition
    During this phase, the process methodology and project management plan will be defined and customized to meet customer's ODC requirements.
    Abstract Technology's tailed methodologies ensure high quality delivery standards, facilitate speed to market, minimize project risk and enable us to streamline project execution process to achieve customer satisfaction. But we can follow your process methodology to get agreement on this.
  • Resource Build-up and Training
    • Environment Simulation:
      As a sub-step to this activity, a simulation IT environment is created according to the client's specific system and application.
    • Infrastructure Build-up:
      Each ODC member is provided with required equipments, communication connections, telephone extension, adequate storage spaces, and so on.
    • Staff Training:
      Depending on the training plan, the ODC team members will get training on client's specific systems and applications. Thus the offshore set-up of resources is completed.
  • Project Execution
    The ODC is now ready for projects execution. Abstract Technology ODC team will adhere to the agreed quality process and methodologies to ensure on time, on budget deliveries.

Please read the success stories we have done:

If you want to know more about our Offshore Development Center service, please download our ODC whitepaper here.

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