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Migration to Java

The need for business to make its older, traditional, legacy systems platform independent and web-ready is growing by leaps, a growing number of legacy systems, including PHP and CGI etc, can now be migrated to Java for its security, speed, reliability, and cross-platform capabilities.

Java migration services

Abstract Technology offers a unique combination tools of its own and services that provide comprehensive and cost effective migration solution to move your legacy application to Java platform. Its scalable methodology has been used successfully for many migration projects.

With years of migration experience, we have fostered a keen understanding of software migration development; this understanding enables us to perform the following types of migrations successfully:

  • Legacy technologies (such as perl, php) to Java application
  • Legacy Unix application to java applications
  • Legacy applications to j2me platform
  • Legacy CGI web application to java applications
  • Web enabling legacy applications to Java application
  • Pre- Java -to- Java migration
  • Java application re-engineering
  • Strategy services to select the target environment and plan your migration

Please read the success stories we have done:

A Web-enabled Application for EHS Management

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