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Migration process

Abstract Technology has been refining and perfecting our software migration solution since the first migration project was completed. Our Migration Assessment expertise provides an accurate & timely inventory of all impacted applications, defines migration issues by count & severity, and outlines a delivery plan to complete the migration.

There are 5 key steps for the migration strategy:

Migration team identification

A core team consists of an experienced project manager and a domain expert is identified for system analysis and cost evaluation. This can be done within 2 working days.

Information gathering & Requirement analysis

Once the core team is established, the members will:

  • Grasp the requirements by studying the related documentations and learning the legacy system through net meeting or VPN.
  • Define the migration methodology and plans.
  • Develop the solution of moving the system and business logic to new architectures, languages or web-based environments, according to our understanding of the requirement.
  • Business model (ODC, Fixed cost, T & M) is agreed.
  • Provide a reasonable cost depending on the project definition.

Resource build-up & Training

The next step during the migration process is to build the project team and the infrastructure required.

  • Development environment simulation.
  • The team comprised of architect, developers, testers and after-sale personnel is identified.
  • Team training of the requirement, migration plan, and communication skills before the project execution.
  • Abstract Technology has the capability of forming a team of 10 developers within 10 working days.

Project Execution

  • Detailed analysis
    We have multiple ways of communication as necessary with your team such as conference calls, e-mail, in-person to get detailed understanding of your requirement. During this phase, we develop an optimal solution which will maximize reusing of the existing software modules and tests to reduce the cost.
  • Design
    Frame design and detail design is completed in this phase.
  • Implementation
    The implementation stage contains two iterative sub stages.
    In the first iteration sub stage, all the functions of the application will be implemented and unit test will be carried out simultaneously.
    In the second iteration sub stage, the application will be perfected and optimised, all the source code will be completed and testers will join to test the completed system. Once the first testing iteration is done, alpha version of the system will be delivered for your review.
  • Thorough testing
    The alpha version of the system is tested with focus on system integrity, functionality, performance, compatibility to ensure a quality and stable migrated system.

Maintenance period

We will offer free fixes if bugs are found during this period.

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