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Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services

With a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), you have the flexibility and responsiveness to align IT with business. What’s more, this alignment can be achieved while reducing the cost of operations, managing complexity, and accelerating implementation – all while leveraging legacy applications and deploying new technologies.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) helps customers increase the flexibility of their business processes, strengthen their underlying IT infrastructure and retain and reuse their existing assets.

When you adopt a Service-Oriented Architecture, the need for software development remains – whether it is to develop new service functionality or “wrappers” for existing software ssets. However trade-off is often the degree of modularity and abstraction an SOA provides, so that your organization can approach software development projects in new, more effective way

With the SOA Software Development Service, Abstract Technology can help you produce productivity gains from your deployment teams as well as provide volume and scale in the business and IT services you develop through SOA adoption.

  • Reduces the cost and time of system integration. The relative speed and low cost of SOA solutions compared to previous integration efforts allows organizations to respond swiftly to new challenges, such as changing market conditions, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory and compliance demands.
  • Can be rolled out incrementally, allowing IT to demonstrate significant return on investment (ROI) each step of the way. With budgets tight and a history of failed integration efforts, proposed IT solutions can't demand major upfront commitments of organizational resources.
  • Allows IT to reuse existing, proven, and paid for systems. There's rarely a compelling reason to spend money and devote development resources to rewrite working applications in modern computing languages and techniques. Instead, IT can squeeze maximum value out of their existing technology assets by service-enabling them -- essentially keeping the old software in place, but retrofitting a service layer on top.
  • Is built on industry standards and therefore delivers vendor independence. Many organizations are hostage to a p flavour of technology or product that depends on a vendor's proprietary ways to interact with other systems. Adopting a service mentality means that IT can continue to adopt best-of-breed applications -- as long as they offer standards-based interfaces.

Leveraging our proven global software development capabilities

The Abstract Technology SOA Service Development Service helps your organization develop and deliver business and IT services for a service-oriented architecture by taking advantage of Abstract Technology’s global software development pabilities. To develop high-quality service components efficiently and effectively for use within an enterprise service-oriented architecture, Abstract Technology service consultants will help you establish the definition, management, and coordination of software development within your enterpri >

Please quote here to access Abstract Technology solutions for your service-oriented architecture pro /p> /div>

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