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Accessible Web Design

UCD - Accessible Web Design

Whether you want a new website or adjustments to a current website, we can help with our accessible CSS web design expertise. We'll make sure you end up with a world-class CSS-based website that:

  • Is based around both site users' needs and your goals
  • Has a strong, accessible design reflecting your branding and image
  • Is optimised for search engines
  • Downloads lightning fast due to the unique CSS structure (no tables)
  • Complies with the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) regulations for web accessibility

CSS web design expertise

Through its innovative accessible CSS web design work, Abstract Technology is proving that websites can be both fully accessible and have vibrant, exciting designs. Here are some sample website we've designed and developed, all fully accessible, CSS-based, DDA-compliant and search engine optimised:

Website characteristics

The characteristics of our accessible CSS websites are:

  • Entirely focused on your users' needs and your goals - The website will stringently conform to the highest usability guidelines, allowing site visitors to find what they're looking for quickly and efficiently and to seamlessly glide through the website.
  • Optimised for search engines through the unique CSS page structure we create.
  • Powerful, fast-loading, flexible CSS layout.
  • Print-friendly - When users choose to print a page just the company logo and page content will appear on the printed version. Formatting, decorative images and navigation will not appear.
  • Enhanced functionality and improved user experience through our DOM scripting & accessible JavaScript7 coding.
  • High impact design to exude dynamism and professionalism.

Additionally, websites can offer the following accessibility features:

  • Conformance with up to W3C Priority AAA guidelines, inline with what's best for the user experience. Our thorough understanding of the guidelines means they're implemented in a way that's optimal for web users with special needs.
  • Implementation of highly advanced accessibility features developed in-house through our own testing and research.
  • Stylesheet switcher allowing users to change the appearance of the website to suit their needs at the click of a button.
  • CSS used throughout for layout and formatting, leading to a complete separation of content and presentation.
  • Ready for the future of the Internet - Finished sites are compatible with mobile phones, in-car browsers, WebTV and PDAs (don't underestimate the importance of this - in 2008 one third of the world's population will own a wireless device (source: ClickZ9)).
  • Cross-browser compatible - Websites are checked on every major modern browser for each operating system.
  • Conformance with web accessibility legal guidelines under the Disability Discrimination Act10.

If you have preferred graphic designers or back-end developers, we can work in conjunction with them, developing the HTML/CSS front-end for you.

Before the CSS web design & build

Abstract Technology uses its usability expertise to develop websites that are based around the needs of your users, but designed to ultimately accomplish your goals. Read about our user-centered design11 process to find out how we can ensure your website is optimised to achieve your goals. This process takes place before starting on the CSS web design & build process.

Internet users visit websites because they have needs that they're trying to fulfil. If your website doesn't appear to immediately offer a solution to these needs then you're likely to be losing site visitors on a regular basis.

Web development expertise

Abstract Technology has highly advanced knowledge of CSS, XHTML and accessibility - indeed, this entire website is made without the use of a single table and conforms to the highest web accessibility standards.

We're also experts in usability so you may want to read about our user-centered design11 process, which occurs before the CSS web design & build.

Interested in how it can work for you? Please contact for more information.

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