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Mineral Management System - Abstract Technology Software Outsourcing

Development of a Supply Chain Management System

The Client

The client is a division of fortune 500 company in China. It is a large mineral enterprise engaged in coal mining and processing, coal chemical, smelt, building materials, electric power, mechanical electrical repairing & making, light industry and chemical technology, architecture and service sector.

What the client wanted

The challenge was to develop a SCM (Supply Chain Management) system that met the client's requirement of materials supply management and integration of different departments. This project should cover the intranet construction of fifteen mines and the SCM development of the whole mineral Bureau.


Abstract Technology helped the client realize its goal by implementing the following main aspects:

  • The SCM system adopted MVC (Model-View-Controller) to design modules and adopts Struts Framework in the web layer. By offering sufficient expansion interfaces, the engineers could adjust Struts to achieve their special demands.
  • Because of the complexity of the system business logic, we took full advantage of the new characteristics of struts 1.1 which was divided into several modules. Each module had its configuration file, JSP web page and action, etc. In this way, the resource was easy to allocate and locate.
  • Data access used the objects-relation mapping frame of Hibernate, and the objects model was transparently imported into database by Hibernate. Such technology made the business logic flexible and simple.

Based on advanced J2EE and B/S structure, the SCM system, which was delivered on time and within budget, facilitated the business workflow of materials supply management.


After the implementation of the system, the client has significantly improved the work efficiency in the whole company. This has resulted in the following:

  • Helping them execute the intranet construction activities of fifteen mines and the development of the whole mineral Bureau SCM.
  • Providing valuable technical information to the implementation team.
  • Building reusable components to speed up the implementation efficiency.
  • Building knowledge database and sharing knowledge with the client's team
  • Improving the inventory management procedures for obsolete and replaced items.
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