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Offshore Development Center, Abstract Technology Outsourcing

Offshore Development Center of Marketing and Innovation

The Client

The client is a US Company focusing on providing Marketing and Innovation solutions like analytical support, research design, consultation and the service of web-based marketing science application development for global companies. It has developed and delivered many analytical applications for major advertising agencies, marketing research companies, and global e-Commerce firms.

What the client wanted

The client expected Abstract Technology to establish an offshore development center to develop a series of automatic online survey generation systems to meet its business needs:

  • Telecom online survey generation system
  • Cell phone online survey generation system
  • Insurance online survey generation system
  • Automobile online survey generation system

The client wanted Abstract Technology to realize the following:

  • Surveys would be displayed to the user in form of flash in the front end, such as graphic, animations. At the same time, feedbacks of the surveys could be saved in database.
  • Reduce the size of these systems as small as possible to ensure a high download speed.
  • The users would be able to edit the surveys content, including adding, modifying, deleting all topics and options.
  • Retrieve the feedback data from the database and save it as a text file.
  • Process the data in the text file to obtain the final analysis result.


According to the client's requirements, Abstract Technology developed the following solutions to complete these systems:

  • The file size was reduced by using action script in the flash instead of static elements.
  • To ensure that the contents stored in database would be displayed on the flash interface, we used JSP to get them linked.
  • Built the back office with JSP, client can manage the data in database expediently, including creating the text file.
  • We developed an application with VB. The client can define in a file for the data that need to be analysed and then import it from the text file to obtain final analysis results.
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