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Offshore Software Development Outsourcing - Linux Kiosk

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Linux Kiosk Operation System
The client wanted to build an easy-to-use Linux-based customized operating system tailored for the rigors of public use and charge a hefty fee for advertisements service. The system, with a web browser as the interface is similar to a touch screen system. User can enter any URL he wants to go from the interface. And the remote management is provided via the ClientCenter administration system. Remote commands can be sent to start or stop particular software applications, restart the GUI or even reboot or shut down the kiosk. And all of the software can be remotely upgraded, either automatically (as upgrades become available) or in a customized, modular fashion. The software can be widely used in hotel, restaurant, subway and such public places.


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    "I just wanted to report on the excellent work and leadership of the Java team on their work for the project. The core application work is very good and we are most pleased and amazed with their progress. "
    -- David Johnson,
    CEO, CTI


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