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Test Outsourcing

Test Outsourcing of a Job Fair System

The client

The client is a large transportation company in Australia.

What the client wanted

Job fair system was a new system that would be used in the client's company to establish, track and manage jobs or organizations, and was built on a .Net platform using C# and SQL Server 2000. The client outsourced the testing of the system to Abstract Technology.

We help the client realize test of the system from following aspects:
  • Functionality Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Regression Testing


We classified the client's requirements, designed the test cases to cover all of the requirements and related each requirement with one or more test cases, so once the requirements were changed, it would be tracked and related test cases would be modified accordingly.

Then, we used Win Runner to generate automatic test script according to the test cases, and implemented 70% automatic test of all test cases. We executed all of the test cases with each release, and recorded the test results.

During test, we adopted Test Director to implement bug tracking function that detected and tracked as many as 400 bugs.

For the Load testing, Load Runner was used to generate as many as 100 users to test the stability, bottle neck, and resource consumption.


  • With our testing method, we helped the customer to concentrate himself on the core operation and requirement. We tested if the program met the requirement, and managed valid test cases to track the requirement.
  • We adopted Test Director to manage the test and used Win Runner to implement automatic test, with these test skills, we improved the efficiency and stability of the system.
  • From the Load testing, we specified the stability, bottle neck, and resource consumption, which will help the customer to optimise the configuration of hardware system or software system.
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