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Professional Incentive System

The Client

The client is a US consulting, customisation & development company that specializes in providing lower-cost, higher-value web based software application.

What the client wanted

Many companies now require their employees to achieved certain performance levels before being eligible for a payout. This application should act as such Human Resource compensation and incentive system. And the development work of this system should be driven by annual software releases, product customisation and customisation for sales. The client required Abstract Technology to perform on its two products: CompReview and IncentiveComp. By using some models of the system such as the merit and stock models based on web, companies could well manage employee incentives.

The client involved Abstract Technology in the assistance with the following development on the system:

  • The improvement of the interface style.
  • The promotion of business calculation logic.
  • The addition and deletion of related fields in database.
  • According to the business logics of CompReview and IncentiveComp, completed the Stock Define Module and Professional Salary Calculate Module.
  • The addition of new functions.
  • The reduction of the number of pages a user must go through to manage an incentive period and the associated calculation.


The design pattern of this system is MVC. Abstract Technology successfully helped the client complete the development by using PHP, Pear, Integrated Templates (IT) and ODBC database connections on Linux platform and adopted Postgres SQL as the database.

Abstract Technology used pure Script Editor and referred to the CSS documents on the new customer operation interfaces to ensure the code more accurate and easy to read.


The interfaces were more intuitive and an easy to use Web based interface was provided for the end users. The change of business calculation logic made the incentive more reasonable accordingly brought the enhancement of motivation. The stability of the system was also improved.

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