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Offshore Software Outsourcing - Finance

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A J2EE-based Online Loan system
The concept provides a safe, sound, and secure method that allows users (consumers) to lend money (using peer-to-peer model) with an email address, all without the consumer having to communicate or share account number information with the lender.

Credit Card Application Processing System
IKANO Financial Services' key differentiators in the retail credit market are its customisable service and prompt respond to requests for new or altered services. The company needed an Application Processing System which should be economic to modify in terms of time and money, to meet the changing business requirements. Abstract Technology helped IKANO developed the system to achieve the application processing with a targeted two minutes from initiation to decision, eliminating the errors and unreliability in the existing system.

Onsite training and offshore maintenance for a UK finance service provider
The client is a finance service provider in UK, who is professional in providing investment advice and fundamental strategy to the world's leading money-centre banks such as Citigroup, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, CIBC, Wells Fargo and others, focusing on foreign exchange, stocks and interest rate derivatives.

On-line Statement Retrieval System
In order to establish its customer service network, IKANO needed to develop an On-line Statement Retrieval System, which enabled the customers to retrieve their statement, including information in transaction history, balance, credit limit, etc., through the company's website In addition, this system should offer a back-end administration system to the administrator.


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    "I just wanted to report on the excellent work and leadership of the Java team on their work for the project. The core application work is very good and we are most pleased and amazed with their progress. "
    -- David Johnson,
    CEO, CTI


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