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Chinese localisation of a Foreign Exchange Analytics System

The project

Abstract Technology responsibilities: software Internationalisation, software & online help & database localisation
Original language: English
Target language: Simplified Chinese
Technology: Java

The Client

Focusing on foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives, the UK client provides investment advice and actionable trading strategies to its customers of well-known finance businesses.

The issue

At the beginning, Abstract Technology was responsible for the maintenance/support of the client’s online foreign exchange analytics system whic has run for more than 1 years. Read the case study

With the cooperation goin forward smoothly, the client required Abstract Technology to carry on the Chines localisation work of the system.


Sinc that Abstract Technology ODC for the client had been familiar with the system for th long–term maintenance and enhancement of it, Abstract Technology localisation team soon provid a total localisation solution with minimal training and technical support fr the client.
The system localisation comprised followi key aspects:

Internationalisation--- internationali the system so that it can be adapt to various languages and regions without engineering changes.

Resource files---access the UI resource files a convert them into RTF files, translate the menus, dialog boxes and strings the RTF files, resize the user interface forms, and select menu hot keys.

Product screenshots---recreate new screenshots showing Chinese text, a transferring hot spots for lin within the Help files.

Online help files--- integrate the Chinese screenshots in the online help files, so ensure that the subsequent translation of the He files matched the actual menus, messages and dialog boxes.

Translation of user manuals--- reuse the TM and glossaries from the translati of the software and the online Help files by use of trados and catalyst f maximum of consistency and cost benefits.

Database Redesign--- redesi the database structure so that the system could show corresponding langua (English or Simplified Chinese) according to the user’s login language or s operation system’s language.Quality Assurance

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